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April Nowlin helps women to overcome the barriers to their success in their personal and entrepreneurial lives. She is the Founder and Success Champion at Move the Finish Line, a catalyst for helping women to find the boldness to win at life.

April is also the Founder of Cultivator Consulting, a strategic marketing resource for small businesses and churches. For over 15 years April has been thinking outside of the box to provide her audience with valuable insights that help them gain clarity on their vision and identify the right people, systems, and resources to make sustainable growth happen within their organizations.

April is mom, author, and speaker. Her formal education is in Instructional Design and Biblical Theology. Originally from St. Louis, April currently resides in Goodyear, AZ with her daughter. You can connect with April at

Move The Finish Line

In February of 2020, April released Move  The Finish Line, A Healing Journey of Pain and Purpose which is a faith-based book written for anyone who’s navigating life-changing transition and wants to uncover their unhealthy patterns to stop the negative cycles in their life. The book will help you to identify the obstacles that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose and help you to create a plan to get the help you need and do the necessary work to move forward. 

Since the release of her book, April has also launched several workshop options to help women like her overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from fulfilling their life’s purpose. 

The Cultivator Journey

In 2013, April founded Event Cultivators, an event marketing resource, while working full time as a Marketing Manager for a flourishing tech company. After a few years, April realized this was not what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She was unfulfilled in her career and she knew she had more to give to this world.

In November of 2015, after being laid off from that same company, she took the leap into full time entrepreneurship. This is when Cultivator Consulting was birthed as a growth resources for churches and small business. April chose to support small business because she understands the struggle that leaders have with starting and growing their dreams into reality. 

April has partnered with churches as a volunteer, staff member, and consultant for more than 20 years. She’s experienced firsthand the ups, downs and growing pains of church growth. Her passion to serves church was birthed from a poor experience she had while working in a church 20 years ago. That church had to close its doors due to a lack of business acumen, tools, and resources. April wants to help churches avoid the pitfalls she’s seen in the past and help them to cultivate their vision and impact more people.

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