Is your organization stuck, not growing, or showing signs of decline?  Are you in the middle of a leadership transition?  If any of this sounds familiar, a growth consultant can be vital in helping you make the next big decisions in your business.  


Stay unstuck! 

As a business leader, you and your teams have plenty of big decisions to make. Working with a consultant can provide you with new ideas, effective processes, and strategy to keep you unstuck in your organizational growth. Short term, long term, and custom consulting solutions are available.

When to work with a consultant:

  • When you need to gain access to a specialized skill set that might not exist in house. 
  • When you need to identify problems and want unbiased assistance with solutions.
  • When you need to implement changes.
  • When you need to teach a particular skill.
  • When you need to create strategies for expansion and growth.
  • When you need an honest evaluation of your operations.

Ask Me Anything – $95

A 60-minute session to help you break through barriers quickly. Get clarity, direction, and authentic advice on a big audacious goal or a few minor obstacles.

One Strategy Session – $225

A 90-minute session focused on a specific need. This session includes reviewing specific information prior to and during your session. 

Two Strategy Sessions: $400

Need more time with an expert and want to save money? This option provides you with the help you need while saving money. 


When you need to develop the skills you already have, a business coach is there to bring out the best in you! We can work together to help you develop your purpose, brainstorms with you, and motivate you to go to the next level in your business.

3 Month Package – $2000/6 Month Package – $3500

Your 3 or 6-month coaching package includes:

1x Strategy session: April will support you through creating a strategic plan for 3-6 months of tangible business progress during a half-day session.

2x 60-minute sessions monthly: Every month you’ll have two full coaching sessions to review your progress and ensure you are on track to reach your business goals. You may cover topics such as your business ideas, vision and mission, business strategy, marketing, social media, systems, and personnel.

Business coaching is a great solution when you need to:

  • Grow or launch a business idea.
  • Streamline tools and systems.
  • Develop new marketing strategies.
  • Pivot into new areas.


Effective marketing isn’t your latest social media post or campaign. It’s about building relationships with the right people at the right time with the right message. This is a comprehensive review of your current marketing strategy and activities, including a website and social media audit. You’ll receive actionable recommendations to get you moving in the right direction and create the perfect marketing strategy to get you growing.

  1. Are you meeting your marketing objectives and strategies?
  2. Do you even have objectives and strategies outlined?
  3. Do you keep up with your industry trends and changes?  
  4. Do you know how to attract new visitors to your business?

If you answered ‘No’ or are unsure of your answers, you need to consider a Marketing JumpStart! A JumpStart helps to determine if your marketing budget is being used in the best way, identify new marketing opportunities, and get better results from what you’re already doing.

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Our partnership can be short term or long term based on your needs. We’ll work together to make sure we accomplish your desired goals and that your business continues on a track for growth.