Move The Finish line helps women to identify the hurdles that have them stuck in life and gives them practical steps to move forward. The success framework and resources are a catalyst to women finding the boldness to win at life.  


Are you ready to PLAY BIG but need a little help getting things off the ground? Until January 5th get one 90-minute consulting session for $175 (reg $225). Two payment options to choose from; pay in full or make a $50 deposit. Let’s go hard in 2021!

7-Day Devotional Journey

Sometimes life gets the best of us. We get busy and our spiritual strength starts to wane. Join me on this 7-Day Devotional Journey and get the spiritual boost you need to win at life.

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We are all running a race in life. Matter of fact, we are running many races at once. Those races encompass every area of our lives, from physical and financial to professional and emotional. God has a desired end for each of our races. Essentially, His purposed finish line. Unfortunately, due to our life experiences, personal choices, and life getting the best of us, those finish lines get redefined.

Move The Finish Line, A Healing Journey of Pain and Purpose is a faith-based book written for anyone who’s navigating life-changing transition and wants to stop the negative cycles in their life. This book will help you to identify the obstacles that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose and help you to create a plan to get the help you need to do the necessary work to move forward.

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Stop The Unhealthy Patterns That Keep You Stuck!

The Move The Finish Line workshop series is a faith-based, safe space for the woman who wants to crush their barriers to success. You’ll leave with the confidence you need and a personal success framework to do the necessary work to move forward. This isn’t your typical workshop, with unrelatable speakers and endless note-taking. This community is the perfect place for you to connect with other like-minded women, laugh a little and leave with actionable items that if applied, will change your life.


Small Group Workshop

This format allows for deep group discussion and one-on-one sharing. This option is limited to 10 women and is delivered over three 90-minute sessions.

On-Demand Workshop

Attend the workshop at your own pace when it’s convenient for you. This format contains several engaging videos and a downloadable workbook.

Large Group Workshop 

This 90 minute workshop format is great for a women’s group or conference breakout session. Get custom content that meets your audience’s needs. 

April Nowlin - Success Champion

April Nowlin helps women to overcome the barriers to their success in their personal and entrepreneurial lives. She is the Founder and Success Champion at Move the Finish Line, a catalyst for helping women to find the boldness to win at life.

April is also the Founder of Cultivator Consulting, a strategic marketing resource for small businesses and churches. For over 15 years April has been thinking outside of the box to provide her audience with valuable insights that help them gain clarity on their vision and identify the right people, systems, and resources to make sustainable growth happen within their organizations.

April is mom, author, and speaker. Her formal education is in Instructional Design and Biblical Theology. Originally from St. Louis, April currently resides in Goodyear, AZ with her daughter. You can connect with April at