JumpStart Your Marketing

Effective marketing is building relationships with the right people at the right time with the right message.

  • Are you meeting your marketing objectives and strategies?
  • Do you have objectives and strategies outlined?
  • Do you know how to attract new and repeat clients to your business?

If you answered ‘No’ or are unsure of your answers, you need to consider a Marketing JumpStart! A JumpStart helps to determine if your marketing budget is being used in the best way, identify new marketing opportunities, and get better results from what you’re already doing.

How It Works 

Step 1: Discovery Questionnaire

Start by completing a short questionnaire about your current marketing state. This will help us to understand and evaluate the state of the business as seen through your eyes and have a single consensus before beginning any new marketing development.

Step 2: Initial Consulting Session

Discuss discovery questionnaire results and your current market position, opportunities, challenges and goals. Identify areas that require better definition and discuss your prior marketing successes and challenges.

Step 3: Review and Research

We review existing collateral, website, social media etc. We research to understand the competitive landscape in order to differentiate you from others in your space or closely related industries. We research the best solutions to help you move to the next step.

Step 4: Create Your Marketing Roadmap

Through your next consulting session, we provide custom strategic recommendations and tools based on our research findings and your unique marketing goals. All recommendations are mapped for you to execute as you see fit. There’s no obligation to continue working with me. (Although, I’d love to continue serving you!)

Email marketing is a great, inexpensive way to reach the people on your list. If done correctly, this type of marketing will take your business to the next level and bring a great ROI for years to come. 

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