We are all running a race in life. Matter of fact, we are running many races at once. Those races encompass every area of our lives, from physical and financial to professional and emotional. God has a desired end for each of our races. Essentially, a purposed finish line. Unfortunately, due to our life experiences, personal choices, and life getting the best of us, those finish lines get redefined. According to 1 Corinthians 9:24, we are to RUN TO WIN! The Move The Finish Line collection of resources is designed to help you do just that.

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Everyday women sharing authentic faith-based stories of resilience, restoration, and winning at life to inspire you to move your finish lines and run your race to win. Listen here and all major podcast platforms.

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Move The Finish Line, A Healing Journey of Pain and Purpose is a faith-based book written for anyone who wants to uncover their unhealthy patterns and stop the negative cycles in their life. This book was written as part of my healing process following my third failed marriage. This resource will help you to identify the obstacles that are keeping you from fulfilling your purpose and help you to create a plan to get the help you need and do the necessary work to move forward. 

“This book was a quick read but JUST IN TIME to save me from me.” – Carolyn

“Powerful! Vulnerable. Liberating. It was REAL AND HONEST.” – Lakiesha

7-Day Devotional Journey

Sometimes life gets the best of us. We get busy and our spiritual strength starts to wane. Join me on this 7-Day Devotional Journey and get the spiritual boost you need to win at life.

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