This Is A New Chapter For You.

You’re Destined For Greatness. 

I’m Here To Help You Get There.

Divorce Sucks, But Your Recovery Doesn’t Have To.

Need help navigating the murky waters of life after divorce? Bouncing back from a divorce is no easy feat. But despite the trauma of a failed marriage, the divorce recovery process doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. It can be a golden opportunity to redesign your life just the way you want it.

Are You Ready To…

Redefine your normal and CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE?

LET GO of the excuses and old stories holding you back?

Take ownership of your life and TAKE BIG ACTION?

INVEST IN YOURSELF, your big dreams, and your goals?

Let Me Show You How To Take That First Scary Step

Hey, I’m April Nowlin.

I’ve been around the divorce recovery block a time or two…or three. I’ve walked a mile in your stilettos which inspired me to combine my many years of business consulting and coaching expertise with my own divorce experiences to create effective faith-based programs that help you better manage your unique circumstances. I want to help you CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE after divorce!

April Stairs

Divorced Moms Support Group

You don’t have to go it alone! Join me and women just like you who are navigating through everything that goes along with single parenthood after divorce. This is a safe space to share and get faith-based support on how to do life well in this new chapter. Virtual session begin on September 10th from 10am -11:30am (MST)

Ready to get started? 



Ready to move forward with clarity and focus? In this 90-minute coaching session, we hone in on one specific area or challenge in your life. By the end of our time together, you’ll have a clear direction for your next move.

REFOCUS ($440)

You’re determined to love your life again, but you’re not sure how that looks for your future. We will meet over 4-weekly, 60-minute calls to realign your goals. You’ll walk away with a practical and actionable plan to achieve them.

REVIVE ($630)

You’re still recovering from a devastating setback, and not sure who you are anymore. Restore your self-awareness and regain clarity on your needs, values, and desires with this 3-month, bi-weekly intensive coaching.

REMODEL ($1200)

You’ve been trapped in a cycle of defeat and you realize that you can’t do this alone. This 6-month, bi-weekly discovery journey will help you reconnect with your identity and grow into the person you want to become.

What My Clients Are Saying

April asked thought provoking questions and there was enough space for listening and giving suggestions. It was a nice balance.
Coachng Client


It’s not easy to rebuild yourself after a divorce but you are stronger than you think. Even if you don’t believe it yet. This resource will give you seven practical steps, plus journal prompts and scriptures to help you start the journey of building a life you LOVE.

READY to make BIG

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